Summer Getaways from Singapore

The best part of summer is taking time off work and kicking back in vacation mode. If you’ve moved to Singapore for work or pleasure, there are so many options to choose from for your summer holidays.

Singapore, being a major international stopover for flights means Changi Airport is a hub of activity, even boasting its own holiday entertainment on-site that includes butterfly, sunflower and cactus gardens, movie theatres, kids playground and a rooftop pool. If you’re based in Singapore for work, check out these amazing destinations to whet your travel appetite.

Bali, Indonesia

Bali is a must for anyone who wishes to spend time relaxing on sandy shores or swimming in clear waters. There are plenty of gorgeous beaches here, with Kuta, Legian, Seminyak and Nusa Dua offering sunbathing, shopping, entertainment and endless beach bars in the mix. If you are looking for more solitude, try Canggu, Sanur or Ubud. There are constant flights from Singapore to Bali.

Krabi, Thailand

It will take about 2.5 hours from Singapore for you to reach this tropical destination. Krabi Province on Thailand’s southwest coast is opposite Phuket in proximity. It is an excellent spot for anyone who loves snorkelling and diving. If you prefer, you can simply sunbathe or tour the landscape.

The Maldives, Indian Ocean

A direct flight to the Maldives will take about 4.5 hours but it will be worth every minute of your flight from Singapore. The Maldives are the perfect spot for a romantic holiday. There are multiple islands you can visit by rental boat.

Tokyo, Japan

If you love the hustle and bustle of a city then Tokyo will not disappoint. A direct flight takes about 7 hours. There will be loads to do once you are there. Tokyo has everything a major metropolis has plus its own unique attractions and sights. Add a visit to Mount Fuji and take one of the clear paths leading to the summit and join the numerous people enjoying this gem of nature.

Siem Reap, Cambodia

Siem Reap is an amazing place, just over 2 hours’ flight time from Singapore, which you should definitely put on your list. Along with the impressive and majestic Angkor Wat, there are plenty of awe-inspiring ancient temple sites to visit. The Beng Mealea temple is another highlight you should visit. The temple is in ruins and visitors are allowed to walk and climb through them. 

Taipei, Taiwan

This amazing city is almost 5 hours in the air from Singapore and will dazzle your senses. Visit the quaint teahouses in scenic Maokong village to sip one of Taiwan’s iconic drinks – oolong mountain tea – and take in the breath-taking vistas of Taipei City below. Go to the top of Taipei 101 skyscraper for another magnificent view. A walk around the local markets offers plenty of chances to taste local delicacies before you continue exploring the Taiwanese city. 

If during your visit you fall in love with one of these places and decide to make it your new home, contact Allied Pickfords and we will assist you with your international relocation from Singapore.

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