Packing High Value Items

Moving your household or office goods, whether locally or internationally, can seem like a major undertaking. This can be particularly so if you have items of high value, including artwork and precious artefacts. These items need to be handled with special care to ensure they reach the intended destination without any damage.

At Allied Pickfords, we have in place very strict internal guidelines for the handling of precious effects. On the first visit, our Move Consultant will take careful note of any high value and/or fragile items and provide details of these to our Operations Department. Should special packing methods be necessary, our crew will take measurements of the items so that special crates can be made prior to the packing day. Our experience crew are also capable of building the such crates on-site should the need arises on the day of packing.

All the crates that we build are unique so that the item that will fit snugly. This is done to prevent the items from moving inside the crate in transit and risking damage. Furthermore, all crating used by Allied Pickfords covers on all sides so as to ensure no part of your valuable items are exposed during the transit.

At Allied Pickfords, we recognize the importance of getting your valuable items to your destination safely.  Given this, we have devised various ways to pack your goods to ensure their safe transit.

  • Canvass oil paintingsA normal canvass oil painting can take up to 10 years to dry, so it is important to pack such an item in what we call a “floating crate”.  Such a crate is tailor-made by us so that the picture does not touch the sides of the crate at any point.  We also use glazing paper to protect the painting.
  • Ornaments (eg standing figurine)These are also packed in a custom-made crate. This item would be placed in the crate on top of a styrofoam sheet then surrounded by styrofoam chips to allow a small movement with the inertia of a ship (for example), but never touching the sides of the crate.
  • Silverware and CrystalAll items are carefully checked first for any existing damage that may weaken them in transit.  They are then wrapped individually in acid-free tissue paper.  Crystal glassware are placed in a tube of corrugated board and placed in a box standing upright. No more than 6-8 glasses would be placed in a carton.
  • AntiquesAny antiques will be crated on request.
  • Valuable booksAny valuable books will be individually wrapped in glazing paper and bubble wrapped on request.
  • Flat-screen televisionIf the television’s original carton is not available, we will cover the set with kraft bubble, then double wrap with corrugated roll.  Finally, the television will be packed into a custom-made crate, with corner protectors on each corner, and styrofoam sheets protecting the front and back of the set
One thing that should never be overlooked in the relocation process is the importance of protection coverage, particularly for high value items.  Whilst all care is taken by the moving crew, we do have to rely on third parties in many situations to move your goods from point A to point B.  Accidents can happen that are entirely outside the control of your moving company.  Examples of such include ships being hit by waves, containers going overboard, and containers being dropped at the port, to name just a few.  

Allied Pickfords Total Value Protection Coverage allows for full replacement value or repair of damaged goods in the event that something unforeseen occurs.  Just remember – never under-protect; make sure you are always covered for the full replacement value of all your goods, particularly your precious items.


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