Making the move back home

Are you planning on moving back to your home country in the near future? For some, this move is sometimes harder than moving away in the first place! Aside from the physical aspect of moving, you and your family could also encounter a “reverse culture shock” trying to re-integrate into your home environment. As the most highly experienced expat movers in Singapore, Allied Pickfords try to lessen the impact of the physical move, and here we have put together some useful tips to help you during this period of change.

Moving Tip #1 – Choose your Moving date
• 2 months before moving you should invite accredited & trusted expat moving companies to your home to quote and to explain to you what is required
• 3-4weeks before moving you should start downsizing your possessions if needed. You should also collect school, medical and tax office records
• 2 weeks before moving you should arrange disconnection of essential services, mail redirection, closure of bank accounts, and confirm your move details with your moving company.
• 1 week before moving you should determine what you want to keep with you as hand luggage and pack.
• 1 day before moving you should place your hand luggage and valuables in a marked cabinet or room. You should also disconnect appliances and your refrigerator.

Moving Tip #2 – To ship, or not to ship?
It is important to consider the differences in climate between Singapore and your home country. Some of your possessions may not fare so well in a dryer, non-tropical environment.
You could also think about down-sizing, but also about last minute purchases for items that you can’t get back home.
Are you relocating your pets? A reliable expat moving company will be able to advise you on the intricacies of this process.

Moving Tip #3 – What can be shipped?
It is imperative to understand that there are certain items that cannot be shipped from country to country. This could include hazardous goods and perishable items, and some countries are stricter than others. To prevent any uncomfortable situations with the destination country, we strongly advise against shipping ANY consumables, in particular food or liquid items. A reliable moving company will be able to provide you with more information relevant to your destination country.

Moving Tip #4 – Find a reputable moving company
Any company you choose to move your treasured possessions should have experience and a proven track record. In choosing such a company, you should look for…
• ISO & FIDI accreditation, and BizSafe Level 3 accreditation.
• A code of conduct
• Experienced and well-trained staff
• A global network
• A shipment tracking system
• Storage facilities
Be sure to ask your friends for recommendations as well.

Moving Tip #5 – A pre-move Survey
It is important that a pre-move survey is carried out before you choose your moving company. During this in-home visit, you should discuss the following points..
• What crating is required (for high value and fragile items)
• Origin and destination services and processes
• Packing and Transit time
• Required documents
• Insurance

Moving Tip #6 – Insurance, Make sure you are adequately covered!
Although all care may be taken by your moving company, situations can occur which are totally out of the moving company’s control. Your household goods are not designed for vibration, shock, pressure, G Forces, movement and atmospheric changes – all possibilities during the shipping process- so you must make sure your goods are covered for anything unforeseen.

Moving Tip #7 – Important and valuable items
All jewellery, personal documents, and other important items should be hand carried with you to avoid them being misplaced or packed with your other household goods.

Moving Tip #8 – “Do not move” items
Assign a room, or a separate space for your luggage and valuables that will be travelling with you. Keep all jewellery, hand phones, and important in a separate room, closet ort cabinet and lock them up if possible. You can also ask your mover for “do not move” stickers to place on these items.

Moving Tip #9 – Storage
Decide if storage of your goods is required. Storage may well be required if…
• Your residence is not ready when your shipment arrives
• There is a delay in paperwork
• You hand over your residence earlier than your move schedule

Moving Tip #10 – Your moving day
When your moving day arrives, please consider the following points to make the process flow a bit more smoothly
• What documents do you need to have on hand?
• Check your residence before and after packing
• Dispose of your garbage – don’t let it get packed!
• Check your dishwasher is emptied
• Keep your pets in a safe spot and out of the way
• Ask a friend to mind your children

At Allied Pickfords, we aim to provide an informed and stress-free move for you and your family. We have been in operation in Singapore for over 40 years, and globally for more than 400 years, making us the experts in moving you. So relax, we carry the load. 

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